Green design on my mind…

My name is Tara and I am a design associate at Thomason Tunick.  I am really excited to work along side Susann, and be a part of such a talented team of designers.

I spent most of my childhood with a deep connection to animals and nature.  Now, as an interior designer with a passion for all things green, I am constantly researching innovative ways to promote sustainability in my designs.  I feel that green design is not just the way of the future, it is happening now and it should be incorporated when working on any project.  I have been inspired by my travels to smart cities such as Portland, Melbourne, and Stockholm, all of which are already living by real green standards.  So how can we live more eco-conscious lifestyles?  We can do things like recycling or biking more, but we can even  become greener in our décor.  One way is to support companies manufacturing safe and sustainable furniture.  I have featured a couple of pieces below from a really great resource for green living, VivaTerra.  I encourage you to browse through some of my favorite sites and see what you can find.  Stay tuned for more green tips.

South African beaded sunburst mirror from VivaTerra, $329.


Mango wood round stool from VivaTerra, $239.