First Impressions

Want to make a quick change to the exterior of your home without a total redo?  Try painting your front door. I don’t mean the usual black or white.  Make a statement with bold and unexpected colors.   Resist using the color anywhere but the front door.

Vital energy enters and exits your home via your front door.  It’s where you leave the outside world and enter your private sanctuary.  It is an indicator of how you relate to the world as an individual and gives a clear message to the outside world of who you are and what you stand for.  Make sure the hardware is polished and add a personalized door knocker for individuality.

Lake Blue looks good on most architectural styles. It shows best on white or grey homes.  White trim creates the best finish.  The color combo sends a serene and emotional message and is an indication of your sincere love for those around you. Farrow and Ball ”Chinese Blue” #90 is great.

In the Feng Shui world, Red is a very popular color, especially for south facing doors.  It telegraphs confidence and indicates that the dwellers are assertive and decisive.  Red works on most homes.  I recommend Benjamin Moore’s “Heritage Red”.

Yellow is magnetic for modern homes.  It’s exudes positive energy.  I like it best with a white home.  Benjamin Moore’s “Bright Yellow” 2022-30 is delicious. Green also works with all styles of homes.

Bold green makes an organic statement.  It blends naturally into the environment and makes the home seem part of the landscape. Sample Benjamin Moore “Grassy Fields” 2034-30, “Green with Envy” 2036-30 or “Harrisburg Green” HC132.


Chocolate Brown is a good choice for doors on gray or blue homes.  It compliments all architectural styles and sends a message of earthiness and comfort. Try Benjamin Moore’s “Classic Brown” 2109-10 or Dunn Edward’s “Weathered Brown” DEC756.

Eggplant or Fig is a creative choice that exudes inspiration, creativity and depth.  Each works well with white, grey or bisque.  Benjamin Moore’s “Autumn Purple” 2073-20 and “Spring Purple” 2070-40 are great choices with complexity.

Be courageous and try a Fuchsia door; a color sure to be noticed.  It is especially daring with a white or grey home and pewter hardware.  It’s a passionate and confident choice.  Dunn Edwards “Fiery Fuchsia” DEA101 will give you just the pop you want.

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